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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Charva Text Terminals Windowing Toolkit - another potential user interface taglibrary ?
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 17:04:48 GMT
Keep in  mind that it is lgpl, so it can not live at apache cvs..
So maybe a project on or sf for jelly-tags ?


On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 07:39, wrote:
> Hi,
> While fighting against nightly boredom on the web, I found a project called
> Charva, there:
> This project provides "A Java Windowing Toolkit for Text Terminals".
> I'll let the original author describe it:
> "CHARVA is a Java framework for presenting a "graphical" user interface,
> composed of elements such as windows, dialogs, menus, textfields and buttons, on
> a traditional character-mode ASCII terminal. It has an API based on that of the
> Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) and the "Swing" classes (collectively known as the
> Java Foundation Classes). Programmers familiar with AWT and Swing will find
> programming CHARVA straightforward. User interfaces can be designed on WYSIWYG
> IDEs such as Borland JBuilder and then easily converted to CHARVA, provided (of
> course) that they do not rely on capabilities of which text terminals are not
> physically capable (such as images, "mouse events" and "drag and drop")."
> I think that it should be possible to make a taglib out of it, similar to the
> Swing tag lib (or the SWT taglib, but I don't know much about this one).
> This would give us YAGUITL (Yet Another Graphical User Interface Tag Library),
> really useful to build text-terminal based apps "on the go".
> Charva-based apps load at light's speed, and I love text terminal apps because
> of that same speed, and I believe I'm not the only one.
> I started to write that tag lib, without much success till now, but it shouldn't
> be that hard.
> Thoughts ?
> Cheers,
> St├ęphane
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