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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject [functor] Next step
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 01:31:44 GMT

One good thing this series of discussions has shown is that there is a lot
of interest in functors. Rodney, Stephen and Costin have all shown
creative input in this set of mail, and the original authors of functors
[Ola? Stephen? Steven? others?] obviously also have shown that input.

I believe that:

1) IFF [functor] is to see its scope widen very soon, ie) Costin's ideas,
then it should form its own project. Functor with a lot of mail arguing,
increase in size and a big need for good documentation will quickly become
the pig in [lang]'s belly.

2) IFF [functor] is seen to be pretty much complete, then it should go
into [lang], to be promoted out IFF it is shown to grow in scope at a
later date.

[IFF = if and only if]

I would like to suggest that those involved in [functor] should discuss
the future of [functor] as a series of functionalities and concepts, and
not as a position. Forget where it lives and just argue the cool Java-ness
of it all. Then when you're deep in there, look around and see what feels


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