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From bob mcwhirter <>
Subject Re: [Grant] Ant problems
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 07:31:32 GMT
> Sounds like Ant 1.5.2 could be a reasonable dependency
> for Maven, and then our problems are solved.  I'm
> hoping that Grant can remove this class, regardless of
> whether or not I've diagnosed this particular problem
> correctly; duplicating classes is risky and leads to
> cranky classloading.

Yes, indeed.  Previously, it was our only solution in maven, and grant
definitely hs some wacky usage requirements regarding classpath ordering
and classloader hierarchy structure.

If ant has remedied this, then by all means, removing AntClassLoader
would be very wise.  I haven't tracked ant very closely lately, but
if/when it allows us to manage ant properties external to the 
o.a.t.ant.Project backed by some external structure, then grant itself
will become useless.  

I should browse ant sources and reconsider alternative solutions to
our problems.


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