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Subject Re: [Jelly] [Proposal] list of core taglibs
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2003 22:06:33 GMT
My 2c...

Morgan Delagrange <> wrote on 07/01/2003 08:28:08 AM:

> Here are the tags I'm pretty sure we don't need in the
> core distro: ant, antlr, betwixt, bsf, email, html,
> http, interaction, jeez, jetty, jms, jsl, ojb, quartz,
> soap, sql, swing, threads, validate and xmlunit.
> Here are the tags I'm pretty sure we do need at the
> core of jelly: core, define.
> And here are the tags I'm not sure about...
> bean, beanshell, and dynabean: I think they're out. 
> They all seem specific to a single domain (ant,
> beanshell, beanuitls).

Personally, I think bean and dynabean should be in core.

> junit: Tough one, since many of our unit tests utilize
> these tags.  Thoughts?

Core for me.

> log: out?
Yep, out.

> util: out?
Yep, out.

> xml: even though Jelly is XML-based in syntax, I don't
> see that these tags are really bound to the inner
> workings of Jelly.  So I'm inclined to say out.
Personally, even though these tags aren't part of the core, xml processing 
is so common for jelly, I'd prefer them in core.

James? Anyone else??
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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