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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: Time for more mailing lists ?
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:57:16 GMT
some observations (made in the spirit of Nicola's 'conceptual suggestions 
made as random thoughts')

email volume
the high volume of email on this list deters some potential committers. 
IMHO it's manageable at the moment but maybe now is a good time to think 
about whether we could manage with many more components.

a single commons mailing list is good
i think that sharing a single mailing list is a GOOD THING. i think that 
it encourages people from different components to share ideas and come up 
with better solutions than they would in isolation. it also creates a 
collective spirit.

of course, it's quite possible to have too much of a good thing :)

sandbox components
sandbox components need to remain on the main commons list. these 
components would simply not be visible enough on other lists. this lack of 
visibility will make it even harder than now for these components to 
generate the momentum and the communities they need.

single component mailing lists
i think that single component mailing lists have not proved very 

not only are they unpopular with the components themselves but they are 
hard for outsiders to monitor. i (for one) have no idea about what's 
happening in httpclient and i cannot effectively supervise them.

when we decided to push them out onto their own list, i thought that all 
votes were supposed to remain on the main list. i don't recall seeing any 
VOTEs on this list about new committers or about releases. (i'm not saying 
that there's been any impropriety - just that if there was, there's no way 
that i'd know.)

if half a dozen components were pushed into their own mailing lists, then 
this could become an important issue.

i don't like the idea of asking components to leave the main mailing list 
but i do think that this is something we'll have to face sooner or later.

i think that topic based lists are preferable to single component lists.

i think that these topics should be sufficiently broad to retain both the 
synergy that we have at the moment and the ability to collectively 
supervise the projects. new topic based mailing lists should not be 
created unless there will be a large enough community to make them viable.

i'd like the idea about all VOTEs taking place on a single list enforced.

possible component groupings

BeanUtils, CLI, Collections, Discovery, Lang, Logging should have enough 
momentum to a become a viable core grouping.

JXPath, jelly, betwixt, digester may be big enough to become a viable xml 

pool, DBCP could fit together into a cache group - but i think that it 
would be too small to be viable.

httpclient, latka, fileupload could fit together into a http group - but 
again, probably too small.

- robert

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