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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [beanutils][digester] locale support [WAS Re: [BeanUtils][PROPOSAL] locale converters, LocaleConvertUtils, LocaleBeanUtils]
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 18:22:22 GMT
On Tuesday, January 21, 2003, at 08:38 PM, wrote:

> Dear Robert,
> First of all, I'm sorry for sending you my private letter not to 
> developer list cause I'm not a subscriber of Jakarta-Commons currently.

if you want to become more involved, then i'd recommend subscribing to the 
dev-list. i know that it's high volume but it's manageable if you set up 
filters for the component's you're interested in. more on this later.

> About me:
> I wrote locale converters and other things for Jakarta-Commons-BeanUtils 
> about a half year ago.

i remember you :)

>> sorry it's been so long and thanks for your (substantial) initial 
>> contribution.
> Yes, I'd waited for a while the answer then I left the Jakarta-Commons.
> I thought it was useless for the project.
> Fortunately, I was wrong.
> Getting over the BeanUtils version 1.5 I saw your addition of my code.
> That's wonderful!

it should make you glad that (if the user list is any guide) it seems to 
be widely used :)

> So I decided to continue working at BeanUtils and as far as you could 
> remember Jakarta-Commons-Digester because my primal goal was to make 
> Digester a locale-independant one (by the way, I have written code for 
> Digester. It was very easy to do with the help of
> "locale" package of BeanUtils).
> Is it possible and is it still interesting to you?

yes. (i'm going to add a 'but' a little later...)

>> i was wonder if you would supply a few more bits and pieces which would 
>> save me a lot of time and energy.
>> could you create some how-to-use documentation and some test cases and 
>> mail them to me?
> No problem, but now I'm heavily involved in Jakarta-Avalon-Framework, 
> making the C# version. I'm about to publish the version. I want to do it 
> as soon as it's possible.

sounds cool.

> I think I need two week more and then I can make the documentation and 
> tests of BeanUtils and possibly for Digester "locale" classes.
> Please, let me know your thoughts about all of that.

that sounds excellent :)

i've just cut the beanutils-1.6 release and i'm in the process of 
preparing a betwixt release and (hopefully) a digester one. once these are 
out the way, i'll be proposing some important changes to beanutils so i'd 
encourage you to listen out for this before starting any substantial work.

i guess that this might fit in with your current plans pretty well :)

- robert

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