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From "Krohn, Dave" <>
Subject [Jelly][Patch] Adding owner capability to Dialog
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 22:14:01 GMT
Attached is a patch (diff file and a new java file) for the DialogTag in

Currently, the Dialog tag is treated as a bean, so it simply creates a
JDialog.  The problem is that "owner" isn't an attribute that can be set
after the JDialog is created, it has to be passed into the constructor (as
far as I can tell from the JavaDoc).  This means that if you have a modal
dialog launched from JellySwing, it has that annoying behavior where it can
get hidden behind the window that it was spawned from.

The attached class constructs the JDialog, setting its owner based on the
"owner" attribute of the tag.

Dave Pekarek Krohn

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