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From Robert McIntosh <>
Subject [jelly] Avalonized
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 17:48:54 GMT
I am currently working on making an Avalon based service for executing 
Jelly scripts, and was wanting to run some ideas by the current Jelly 

Just so you know, the reason for doing this is that the company I work 
for currently has an XML based script engine that I wrote, but it is far 
from the capabilites of Jelly and thus we want to replace ours with 
Jelly. Now, our product runs within the Avalon framework and as such we 
use Avalon's service constructs to 'get' our current script engine, so 
naturally I would like to be able to do the same with Jelly.

My requirements are:
-- I be able to call out a script by 'name'
-- I get back the results of the script. For me, this doesn't mean the 
XMLOutput. We are using the scripting side as an application process 
engine. Sort of like a workflow engine, but on a smaller scale(?). So in 
essence I want to supply some parameters, execute a script, and get back 
some results, be they beans (usually) or other variables.
-- I would like to be able to load the scripts via the class loader as 
well as URL.

To meet my requirements would be pretty simple. The only change/addition 
I could see to Jelly itself would be the loading via classloader, but 
that would be a small addition to the resolveURL() method (from first 
glance) of the Jelly class.

However, I don't want to leave out other uses, such as using the 
XMLOutput, telling the service to exucute a non-named script by 
supplying a direct URL, etc. So for that I've come up with the following 

- public Map runNamedScript( String scriptName, Map params )
- public Map runURLScript( String url, Map params ) - perhaps also allow 
a URL object to be supplied...

That takes care of returning basic results, now for the XMLOutput side:
- public void outputNamedScript( String name, Map params, OutputStream out )
- public void outputURLScript( String url, Map params, OutputStream out )

or something like that... I'm not sure if 'ouputXXX' are good method 
names, but you get the idea.

Any thoughts? Did I leave something out?

Robert McIntosh

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