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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: [lang] FastDateFormat questions
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 00:09:25 GMT
I'm back (after a long-awaited break for the holidays.)

I agree that we should avoid using commons-colelctions.  I will make it 
an inner class of FastDateFormat instead.  I'll also hold off on 
submitting it until I have a complete set of test cases (or at least 
what I perceive to be complete.)  

My paying job  is keeping me busy but I hope to have all of this done by 
end of next week.  My hope is that once this is done we can get back to 
discussing where to go from there and make some decisions on what should 
go in to the time subpackage.

Hopefully those that expressed interest earleir are still on board with 
this.  I think it will be a nice addition to commons-lang if we keep it 
tight and limit features to those that solve very general problems.

- sean

>From: "Sean Schofield" <>
>>Here's where I am at with FastDateFormat.  I changed the package name
>>(to org.apache.commons.lang.time.)  I also pulled down the source code
>>for Pair that it required.  I noticed that Pair seemed like the
>>DefaultMapEntry in commons-collections (am I wrong?)  Is commons-lang
>>allowed to have dependencies with commons-collections or should we try
>>to avaoid that?  (My guess is you will say avoid.)
>This dependency should be avoided, so yes an inner class is appropriate.
>>Finally, I wrote a few unit tests for FastDateFormat.  Once we resolve
>>the Pair issue I'd like to submit FastDateFormat and FastDateFormatTests
>>to be added to CVS.  Do we need all of the unit tests to be complete
>>before adding?  There are a lot to write and I know Eric, and others are
>>also volunteering to help here.
>I would prefer unit tests to be there before adding to the CVS, but if it
>helps make the work visible then sometimes it can be committed without.

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