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From "Jeff Barrett" <>
Subject [configuration][PATCH] multiple levels of interpolation + maven build fixes
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 17:01:14 GMT
Here's my original message w/ a more informative subject line and patches split up into different
files, zipped up.

I don't have much experience sending patches, so please let me know if I could have sent this
in a better way.

This patch does two things: 
1) fixes configuration so it builds w/ maven
2) adds support for multiple levels of interpolation

1)a) maven.xml had a bad variable reference that caused to be copied to the
wrong place which caused TestClassPropertiesConfiguration to fail
1)b) project.xml had a bad unit test excludes that didn't exclude an abstract TestCase class

2)a) now supports multiple levels of interpolation.  for example:
base.prop = /base
first.prop = ${base.prop}/first
second.prop = ${first.prop}/second

second.prop now interpolates "/base/first/second" whereas before it interpolated to "${base.prop}/first/second".

Checks are also in place to catch the case of looping references, e.g.

2)b) has tests to check for proper behavior
2)c) now has class javadocs that note support for interpolation


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