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From Simon Moore <>
Subject RE: Where has commons lang Strings.interpolate(String text, Map m ap) gone?
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 19:32:53 GMT
Anyway it's no big deal for me, it was just the one method.

> -----Mensaje original-----
> De:	Henri Yandell []
> Enviado el:	jueves 16 de enero de 2003 19:41
> Para:	Jakarta Commons Developers List
> Asunto:	RE: Where has commons lang Strings.interpolate(String text,
> Map m ap) gone?
> On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Simon Moore wrote:
> > I don't want to spark off any arguments but was there any real strong
> reason
> > why it wasn't kept within commons.lang or at least moved to another
> package?
> It moved to Commons Util, which was a sandboxed project, but that was
> nuked recently. It had become a repository for unrelated and not very
> important flotsam [in the general scheme of things].
> The reason for moving it out of Commons.Lang is that there's a very big
> worry that Commons Lang will grow too big and become Commons.Jakarta.JDK.
> This manifests itself in two ways, firstly there is a definite push for
> every class to justify its existence, and secondly there is an increasing
> barrier to new concepts going in.
	[SM]  I can agree with the first reason but what do you mean by 'new
	Commons-lang seems to me to be a repository for anything that has
been solidly proven 
	to improve the java language itself be it exisiting or 'new'

> > I've had to add the method to our own string utils class :(  ( I think
> it's
> > relative)
> > I suppose it went through the deprecation process?? ;)
> Nope. Having deprecations from a beta to a first release seemed overkill.
> I for one ought to make a good mental note of this case as I tend to not
> be a believer in deprecation. I prefer to break it up front so that people
> can solve it while the issues are still understood, and not in a year when
> everyone's forgotten what the deal was. That's not a common view though at
> Apache. This was definitely a case of the beta being 'cleaned' before
> release.
> Sorry about that,
> Hen
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