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From Rodney Waldhoff <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Release Issue 1 - dependencies
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 18:47:56 GMT

On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Morgan Delagrange wrote:

>   2. Jelly core stays in Commons, while tags become a
>      Jakarta subproject (+1)

This is the one that seems odd to me (and I guess was the
implication of Craig's note that seemed odd to me as well), though I'm not
entirely sure why.  I think maybe that splits a community across mailing
lists and karma-rights in a weird way, but one that is probably managable.

Another option might be to keep the org.apache.commons.jelly packaging,
even if jelly moves to a top level project. Perhaps permanently, perhaps
only until the next major release, or perhaps via deprecation of
o.a.c.jelly and delegation to o.a.jelly (using inclusive "or").

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