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From "Chan, Jesse Rosetta" <>
Subject RE: [SUBMIT] jakarta.commons.Collections.ChainedHashMap
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2003 22:11:37 GMT
Thanks for the advice, Rich.  I just looked at Jakarta Commons Collections
Package API for MultiMap and MultiHashMap, it appears that MultiMap would be
a good interface for ChainedHashMap to implement.  I have submitted
ChainedHashMap to Jakarta, so obviously the people that make the decisions
can modify it freely :)  It appears that ChainedHashMap already implements
all the methods in the MultiMap interface except the getName method.
(Remember ChainedHashMap extends HashMap).  Just looking at the MulitHashMap
API, it looks as though there is overlap between MultiHashMap and
ChainedHashMap.  However, it looks as though MultiMap is more generic than
ChainedHashMap since it returns a Collection instead of, say, an ArrayList.

Jesse Chan
Software Engineer, LIMS
Merck Research Laboratories
Rosetta Inpharmatics LLC.

> --- original message ---
> Hi Jesse
> Welcome! I'm new around here too, so hopefully someone will jump in if
> I'm wrong about this.
> ChainedHashMap should probably extend the MultiMap interface, which is
> used for mapping keys to collections of values. Also ChainedHashMap
> seems to be very similar to MultiHashMap (although 
> ChainedHashMap has a
> much richer set of operations). Perhaps you could have a look at
> MultiHashMap to see whether ChainedHashMap should be merged with this
> class or whether it should stand on its own.
> Rich

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