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From "Chan, Jesse Rosetta" <>
Subject [SUBMIT] jakarta.commons.Collections.ChainedHashMap
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2003 18:55:12 GMT
Hi all,

A while back I wrote a Collection util called "ChainedHashMap" that I would
now like to contribute to Jakarta Commons Collections.  (This is my first
submission to Jakarta, so I apologize in advance if my mailing-list
etiquette is lacking :).  Whereas, a java.util.HashMap allows for a unique
key-value pair, a ChainedHashMap allows for a unique key-values pair [along
with a lot of convenience methods].  The code is submitted along with proper
documentation, javadoc, unit test, etc.  The included documentation (in .pdf
format) is an article I am writing about ChainedHashMap -- hopefully to be
submitted to a Java magazine -- that explains what a ChainedHashMap is,
basic usage, performance, and some areas of application.  Note: The package
name in ChainedHashMap and ChainedHashMapTest need to be modified from
rosetta.opslims.lvs.util to jakarta.commons.collections.  Thank you,
Jakarta, for helping to make quality code for the benefit of all!  Keep up
the good work!!!

Jesse Chan
Software Engineer, LIMS
Merck Research Laboratories
Rosetta Inpharmatics LLC.

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