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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] taglib builds broken?
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 05:26:04 GMT
From: <>
> Morgan Delagrange <> wrote on 07/01/2003 09:04:21 AM:
> > I'm using 1.0 beta 7.  A co-worker of mine uses beta 7
> > and he has the same problem; the resource files aren't
> > being loaded into the test classpath.
> I'm using the pre-release of beta 8 from CVS. Looks like that's the issue.
> The main reason I removed the copies (other than that they weren't needed
> for me) was that they were not pointing to the target/test-classes
> directory on copy, they were pointing to ${basedir}
> Feel free to add them back in, but I figured since we're doing this for
> Gump-ing stuff, using the latest Maven shouldn't be an issue.

Incidentally I was wondering about having a small common file included by
each maven.xml, then we could share common build goals across each tag
library. e.g. we could leave in the resource copying instructions, in a
shared maven.xml (maybe even conditionally based on the Maven version). Then
each maven.xml for each taglib could look like...

<project default="java:jar" xmlns:j="jelly:core">
  <j:include uri="../sharedMaven.xml"/>

I've been meaning to introduce the same thing in Maven's plugin build to
avoid cut-n-paste of common goals across plugins.


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