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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [jelly] gump descriptor needs update
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 16:41:15 GMT
From: "Morgan Delagrange" <>
> Hey all,
> Jelly failed in GUMP because werkz did not build.
> Since Jelly doesn't depend on werkz anymore, I should
> probably update the descriptor.  If somebody could
> give me karma to GUMP and point me to the right file,
> I'll take care of it.  I see a gump.xml in the Jelly
> tree, but I don't think it's actually used; the nag
> email address is wrong.

We could try regenerating the GUMP descriptor and try to use that? (It'd be
nice to try get Maven's generation of gump descriptors working).


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