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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [clazz] what's next?
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 23:24:21 GMT
From: "Dmitri Plotnikov" <>
> I think we need to decide what to do with clazz next.
Somehow I need to find the time to stufy the current API in detail again. At
the moment I have a sense that it might be too complex (but it may not be
possible to simplify...)

> I think we are ready for the first attempts of integration with other
> projects.
> Here are some ideas:
> 3. BeanUtils.  Should be quite easy to add Clazz support to BeanUtils.
I suggest we create a BeanUtils like API within Clazz as a simple front end
rather than changing BeanUtils.

> 5. Integrate with Jexl. Jexl uses the same mechanism as Velocity,
> namely Uberspect.  We need Geir's input on how to integrate with it. We
> could try to wrap clazz into Uberspect APIs, or bring additional
> features of Uberspect into clazz and then replace Uberspect with clazz
> altogether.
I know of Uberspect but I've not looked at it. Some kind of interoperability
with it is probably essential.

> 6. Integrate with Betwixt.  Betwixt has its own introspection mechanism
> similar to that of clazz.  Just like with Jexl we have a couple of
> options and need the Betwixt team's input.
Here it would be nice to join the betwixt refactoring effort thats about to
start and get betwixt built around clazz. It would make it a hell of a lot
more powerful.

If we start with BeanUtils clone within clazz it can be merged back into the
real [beanutil] later if thats appropriate. [betwixt] on the other hand
would be nice to integrate directly with...


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