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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject [modeler] removing deps ?
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2002 07:09:47 GMT
It would be reasonably easy to remove the deps of modeler on
digester ( use DOM or SAX directly instead ) and beanutils (
 we use only a a very small piece ). 
Our use of introspection will not be exposed to the user and 
we have some very specific requirements ( as mandated by the spec ),
so there's little benefit of using the general purpose beanutils - 
quite the contrary. 

Modeler is a very critical piece - it needs to be in the parent
loader ( if we want to control tomcat or other apps via JMX and 
modeler ), and it'll be critical for security. The fewer public
APIs it exposes ( besides JMX ) and the fewer classes it drags into
the same protection domain - the better it is.

We'll not "duplicate" anything - the code to do what we need 
already exists ( in several forms ), we'll just use it ( adapted
to the specific needs ). I don't think it'll be a problem with
the duplicated maintainance either - the code we need has been
quite stable for a long time and I think people working and using
the modeler have enough experience to do maintain this code.

Craig ? Remy ? Other people who are interested in modeler ? 


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