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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject nullFileFilter vs getNullFileFilter
Date Fri, 27 Dec 2002 08:57:20 GMT

Sorry, lost this email, so unable to reply in-thread.

Collections.synchronisedMap, unmodifiableList etc and the various classes
of these type in Commons [lots in Collections and Lang, for example
ComparatorUtils.reversedComparator()] all seem to use the nullFileFilter

I dunno if precedence counts here, but as its a unique decorator [ie) a
decorator that decorates nothing, a source], it doesn't seem to be an
immediate candidate for Bean style.



From: Jon Scott Stevens <> Content-type: text/plain;

on 2002/12/25 2:16 PM, "" <>

> -        FileFilter filter = new NullFileFilter();
> +        FileFilter filter = FileFilterUtils.nullFileFilter();

This seems like bad naming...shouldn't it be:

FileFilter filter = FileFilterUtils.getNullFileFilter();



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