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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: DateUtils Planning, WAS: [lang] Has anyone thought about a TimeUt ils package?
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 21:45:35 GMT

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002 wrote:

> I think that the Ant committers will not want to rely on yet another commons
> package until it has shown that it will be supported and maintained.  Having
> said that, I don't think it is horrible to have this code duplicated.

Assuming it's in Lang, then this shouldn't be a big worry. The approach
has generally been to let other projects wake up to the fact that we've
replicated/copied methods from their hidden away private utils.

> Eventually, as the code matures, and other elements are added, then when it
> has "proved" itself, then I'm sure they want to rely on it.  However, I
> don't think that we should worry too much about duplicating the code for
> now, and just move ahead with copying the code, and getting the build in
> shape.  What I mean by integrated is making sure that:
> 1) Docs are written
> 2) Testcases are complete
> 3) JavaDocs etc are done.

Yep. Add: 4) Arguments are finished.

> I don't know what the process for adding this to the official commons-lang,
> I guess once the code has matured and proven it self, then it will be added
> as well?

We can go ahead in the commons-lang main tree I think. CalendarUtils is in
the sandbox and I would assume you would be merging that in too. There's
not a release of Lang planned anytime soon and releases can always ignore
new code.


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