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Subject Re: [Jelly] Release Issue 1 - dependencies
Date Wed, 01 Jan 2003 00:47:14 GMT
news <> wrote on 31/12/2002 11:13:12 PM:

> wrote:
> > The main issue at the moment is that Jelly needs to be split into core 
> > various taglibs.
> > 
> > I think jelly core has very few dependencies.
> > 
> > Once it has separate sub-projects, it will make dependency tracking a 
> > of a lot easier.
> Questions:
> 1) How hard would it be to split out the *one* problematic taglib?
> 2) How hard would it be to fix the *one* problematic taglib?
> 3) How hard would it be to delete the *one* problematic taglib?
> Now repeat the same questions for Maven.

Ok, rather than doing something useful like fixing the gump descriptor, 
I'll respond to your email.

1) There may not be just one taglib, but splitting them out is relatively 
easy. There are no great cross dependencies in the code.
2) Usually very simple. The tags are small and self contained already.
3) Easy, but a lot of people would complain about missing functionality if 
it was a well used one.

As for Maven and your link, read this:

You'll note:
1) None of the maven plugins are being compiled by this code. So the 
separation has already made this process easier. Imagine what the errors 
would look like if we added all the plugin dependencies in.
2) The first error, along with others are because of dependencies that are 
listed by maven but Gump seems to be ignoring, e.g. cli, grant and werkz.
3) Some errors are caused by a missing dependency (commons-graph2).
3) Some of the code should be in Maven (JellyJeezTagLibrary) and has 
recently agreed to be moved out
4) Some of the code should be in Werkz (JellyBuildListener) and has 
recently been moved out
3) Of all the Jelly classes referenced (JellyException, JellyContext, 
XMLOutput, TagLibrary, Expression, AntTagLibrary, TagSupport, 
CoreTagLibrary, Script etc) all are in the Jelly 'core'.

So the real reason for is 
that there hasn't been enough effort put into the Gump descriptor for 
Maven. Maven is already broken up and has very few non-core dependencies.

So far, I've been the only Maven committer willing to put time into the 
Gump descriptor, and you seem to be more willing to post links to me than 
to work together to fix issues.

While we're in the link posting mode, maybe you can explain some things 
for me:


1) Why are jars stored in Gump's CVS?
2) I've been told by various people that GPL and LGPL jars are not to be 
stored in CVS. What is the official Apache position on that?
If you seriously want to get Jelly and Maven building with Gump on a 
regular basis, work with me.
I don't have a lot of knowledge about Gump. I can see its value, though.

Posting links to failed builds doesn't help me - I read every one of them 
anyway. Awareness is not the issue.

>From what I can see the constructive steps from here are:
1) Work out why grant, cli and werkz are not being picked up and included 
in the compile
2) Get Graph2 gumpified
3) Move the JellyJeezTagLibrary into Maven
4) Split Jelly's taglibs up so that the core build process has fewer 

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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