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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [logging] Adding jndi java:env support
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 18:36:08 GMT
sounds like a good plan.

this sounds (to me) like a change big enough to call for a new (major?) 

(i'm not a cvs expert) but from what i can see there have been some small 
changes since the last release. maybe a quick bugfix 1.0.3 release would 
be a good idea before adding making this change.

- robert

On Thursday, December 12, 2002, at 03:29 AM, Costin Manolache wrote:

> Based on Ceki's email - I think it would be a good idea to add
> this mechanism in the default logging factory.
> My proposal is to insert a lookup for
>  java:comp/env/CommonsLoggingFactory
> at the top of the discovery chain. If such a factory exists, it'll
> be used to create the logger. If not, we'll continue with the
> normal mechanism.
> The big downsize is that we'll add a compile dependency on
> JNDI ( the code can catch ClassNotFound - and run even if
> JNDI is not present ).
> This will allow containers using commons-logging to better enforce
> isolation between apps.
> In addition, I think we should add an optional "domain name" prefix.
> If such a prefix is set ( for example in 
> java:comp/env/CommonsLoggingDomain)
> then it'll be added in front of every log name that is created.
> For example, if the container will set myHost:8080/myApp/ as a prefix,
>  logs created in that app will be named:
>   myHost:8080/myApp/org.apache.....
> As a note, web.xml allows you to define and set a number of
> jndi entries. This could also be used to allow user-based tuning,
> but in general the container settings should be able to
> take preference .
> Costin
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