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From Matías Giovannini <>
Subject [VALIDATOR] funny build.xml ?
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 16:18:42 GMT

Maybe this was reported before, but the build.xml in the source 
distribution for Validator 1.0 funnied on me. From last night's nightly:

# ant -projecthelp
Buildfile: build.xml
Main targets:

  all              Clean and compile all components
  clean            Clean build and distribution directories
  compile          Compile shareable components
  compile.example  Compile example application
  compile.tests    Compile unit test cases
  dist             Create binary distribution
  example          Run example application
  init             Initialize and evaluate conditionals
  javadoc          Create component Javadoc documentation
  prepare          Prepare build directory
  prepare.example  Prepare example directory
  release          Construct release distribution
  static           Copy static files to build directory
  test             Run all unit test cases

Default target: jar

Notice there's no ``jar'' target, so ``ant'' doesn't work.


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