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From "Martin van Dijken" <>
Subject RE: DBCP tracking stale connections?
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 14:30:30 GMT
> > > BasicDataSource currently doesn't expose testWhileIdle,
> > > although if you look at how the other props are dealt with,
> > > it wouldn't be difficult to expose it (a small change to
> > > BasicDataSourceFactory and BasicDataSource is all that is
> > > required).  I'd be happy to commit the patch if  you test
> > > it first.
Ok, in what form can I expect the patch?

> Unless all your queries are a simple as "select 1" the 
> performance boost
> will be substantially less than 100%, but testOnBorrow is a fairly
> expensive option (but guarentees that the connection is valid when you
> obtain it).
True enough, but our queries are mostly "select from tblX where Y" without joins, groupings
or whatever. There will be a substantial performance gain.

> Great. I even wasn't thinking anything that elaborate.  I 
> just wanted you to test that the property is making its way 
> from your XML configuration to the instantiated pool (so I 
> don't have to install and configure a new tomcat instance 
> to test the patch).
Sure I've got a few machines running with Tomcat and JNDI configured on it. Question tho:
Can you put a debug statement or something in testOnBorrow and testOnIdle? That way I don't
need to hack into the code myself:) Saves me some reverse engineering:).

> GenericObjectPool supports an "evictor thread" that does this sort of
> thing.  
Thanks for the info on GOP eviction.

> BasicDataSource is convienient within Tomcat.
Sure is, I'll stick to it until otherwise is proven.

> The JavaDocs are probably the most complete documentation 
> (and include more than simple method descriptions)
Yeah I saw them. They are fairly complete, but I'm the kind of jerk who really wants a step
by step Dummy manual:).


Martin van Dijken

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