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From "Martin van Dijken" <>
Subject RE: DBCP tracking stale connections?
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 09:04:33 GMT
> BasicDataSource currently doesn't expose testWhileIdle, 
> although if you look at how the other props are dealt with, 
> it wouldn't be difficult to expose it (a small change to 
> BasicDataSourceFactory and BasicDataSource is all that is
> required).  I'd be happy to commit the patch if  you test 
> it first.
Sounds good to me! A performance gain of 100% I'd gladly test a little for. I've got a few
test situations running here and can do a stress test as well as a test whether it will keep
running after 16 (or more if desirable) hours. The only database I have however is mysql.(Dunno
if this is a problem?)

Two questions about this though.
1. Is the rest of the package in a stable condition ATM?
2. Can you tell me what the inner workings of TestOnIdle are? I mean does it test when a connection
has been idle for so and so many hours? Is this configurable?

> Alternatively, you should be able to use the "jdbc2pool" support via
> Tomcat's JNDI.  
I don't really care which to use. DBCP is the Pool that is recommended in the Tomcat documentation
The documentation on the link you provided about jdbc2pool seems to be a lot thinner.

> I don't use the JNDI service personally (nor did I write 
> this code) but I've heard reports that it works (and none 
> that it doesn't).
It works, the documentation however isn't entirely complete yet. For instance it doesn't mention
a place where explanations of other configurational parameters might be sought. This would
prevent people like me from asking these questions:)


Martin van Dijken

P.S. Is it normal I see a lot of cvs commit mails in this list?

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