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From "Martin van Dijken" <>
Subject RE: DBCP tracking stale connections?
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 16:46:50 GMT
> > As for testing for stale connections - there is a parameter when DBCP
> > pools are created that allow you to specify a query to check a
> > connections health. If the query fails  - then the connection is
> > considered bad and DBCP will discard the connection and open a new one.
> Right, specifically, set the validationQuery property of your
> PoolableConnectionFactory, and set one (or more) of testOnBorrow,
> testOnReturn or testWhileIdle to true. (The BasicDataSource 
> bundle will automatically set testOnBorrow to true when a 
> validationQuery is set.)
It seems to me that whenever I use a connection with testOnBorrow==true then I'm actually
performing 2 queries: the validation and my own query. This sounds particularly inefficient.
TestWhileIdle sounds a lot better in that aspect. Can I get that running using the Tomcat
JNDI interface?

> I think this topic has been discussed a few times on the user 
> or dev list
> or both, you may want to search the archives (e.g.,
> for more.)
Thanks for the link, but I'd already searched there, and couldn't find what I'm currently
seeing there.

Anyway thanks a bundle for the help guys, appreciate it.

Martin van Dijken

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