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Subject Re: [lang] DateUtils
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 17:15:52 GMT
If my time allows I will take a ditch on it. I will search for
some examples to see if someone has taken the right approach,
otherwise I will take the SimpleDateFormat APIdoc specification
and start from there. But my time scale for this would be at
present about a month... Anyone out there with the same itch
but more urgent?

Is there someone that believes we should use javacc or antlr
grammars for the format string? Or should I write a hand parser
(I've done this many times before) to do the parsing and

We should include several format strings for the standards
(ISO, IEEE, some RFCs, etc.). The JDK classes could still
be used for the locale specific formating.

Is this fine?

:) Christoph Reck

Sean Schofield wrote:
>>> 3) createDateFormat( ) should return our new thread-safe DateFormat 
>>> (maybe this will be an inner class for now?)
>> +1
> Christoph,
> Earlier you expressed interest in taking the lead on the new 
> SimpleDateFormat.  Do you want to go ahead with that?  If so, lets 
> square away the details (class name, package, etc.)  Also, you may want 
> to check with Stephen who had mentioned he be willing to help.
> - sean

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