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Subject Re: [lang] DateUtils
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 16:10:49 GMT

Sean Schofield wrote:
> Still haven't had a chance to review CalendarUtils.  In the meantime, 
> here are my thoughts on the existing DateUtils methods:
> 1) Eliminate getPhaseOfMoon( ) as has already been suggested.  (I wonder 
> how the Ant guys were planning on using that)  ;-)

A stated elsewhere in this thread... this is more for a CalendarUtil for
non gregorian calendars...

> 2) Rename getDateForHeader( ) to getSmtpDate( ) or something more 
> descriptive.

I remember seeing that the HTTP (and SMTP) RFCs state a specific IEEE
standard for the date string format.

So I believe we should either have static helpers like formatISO8601(Date)
or even format(Date, String) with the String being the ISO, RFC or IEEE
standards (similar to the i8n string/stream utlities).

> 3) createDateFormat( ) should return our new thread-safe DateFormat 
> (maybe this will be an inner class for now?)


> Also, TestCalendarUtils is using deprecated version of Date constructor. 
> We can fix those once we decide what we're going to do with CalendarUtils.
> What are other peoples thoughts on this and on CalendarUtils?
> - sean

:) Christoph Reck

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