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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: [lang] Has anyone thought about a TimeUtils package?
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 15:23:19 GMT
>Just to get it in quick. -1 to ripping source from the JDK. Licenses bite
>our arses too quickly when you get near here so it's not something ASF can
I thought that might be a problem.  No biggy we can just do our own.

>I'm starting to want a time sub-package as this gets larger :) Once it
>hits 3 classes or so.
I was thinking about this too.  For now I was thinking that the new 
DateFormater could be an inner class but that we'd probably want to open 
it up to everybody eventually.  If that happens, I would agree that 
subpackage becomes more appropriate.

- sean

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