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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re:
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 01:54:40 GMT wrote:
> <rant>
> I think Gump is the best tool we have for doing this, and we need to be 
> nicer citizens.
> Having just been bitten by HttpClient deleting methods that have been 
> available for months in CVS, I'm starting to question the current process 
> of only deprecating if a method has been available in a 'release' product.
> I would like deprecation to happen for a time period before deletion, if 
> the code was not part of a release, especially in Commons, where the code 
> is by design meant to be used by others. And the code base can be stable, 
> without a release for a long time.
> </rant>

Bless you dIon.

More frequent releases and/or policies like you describe would help.

But mostly, we need people to care and work together.

- Sam Ruby

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