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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: [lang] DateUtils
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 22:10:54 GMT
>1) Use [lang] in emails to discuss things. Stops the other Commons
>developers from murdering us in our sleep.
Weren't we doing this already?  I'm confused ...

>CalendarUtils needs to move from the sandbox over to the main line. I'll
>begin by simply doing the move, but it and DateUtils need to get on the
>same page and figure out how they link.
>DateUtils.getMoonPhase seems a little obscure :)
I agree.  Its a cool function but probably not one many developers will 
need - unlike DateUtils.getHighTide :-)

>My suggestion is that someone go through each class, collate the methods
>in each one and send those methods through to the list. Include a
>suggestion on whether CalendarUtils and DateUtils should be the same class
>and which methods should be killed.
>Anyone up for this?
I'm willing to help out on this.  Give me some time to review 
CalendarUtils.  My instict tells me that this is really distinct from 
the DateUtils stuff.  The iterator stuff looks interesting but I have 
some concerns about the internationalziation.  I will report back 
shortly with my review.

Thanks again Hen for helping us to get started here.

- sean

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