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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: DateUtils Planning, WAS: [lang] Has anyone thought about a TimeUtils package?
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 21:00:09 GMT
>*grin* Always dangerous to announce early. Can't tell how many times it's
>bitten me. [No.. I can't tell. It'd be embaressing].
I did actually think I had commited without a problem (JBuilder told me 
the commits were successful but once I turned on the option to see 
console output I saw a failure message.)

>Merge CalendarUtils + DateUtils into a common concept, be it in many
>classes or not. Continue to discuss on the Dev list about such thigns as:
>Should there be a TimestampUtils or a TimeUtils, and is it i18n friendly
This is the plan.  Can we go ahead and add the new version of DateUtils now?

>Rely on Stephen Colebourne's experience from JODA Dates a lot and try to
>keep the Lang date component short and snappy.
Definitely planning on that.

>Embrace the concept of "No Religion", that is, any Java developer should
>find your date code useful and not just the ones who are prepared to do
>things your particular way.
Well said.  Thanks for the suggestions.

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