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From Tomasz Pik <>
Subject Re: [Morpher] status of the project
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 06:07:23 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> I started to look at Morpher codebase in Jakarta CVS
>> because it looks like something I'm currently looking for.
>> First I'd like to ask, if there's any work on this (it looks
>> like CVS is untouched since some months)?
> Currently it's not being actively developed, but the reasons why it 
> started are still there and it's still needed. If you want to 
> help-contribute, I'd be very happy :-)

First set of thoughts
1 add 'equals' and 'hashCode' to ObjectFlavor to let it works in Maps;
2 add
   'registerMorpher(String name, String className,
       Collection inputFlavors, Collection outputFlavors);
   to BasicMorpherFactory;
3 add Map that maps every 'registered' input ObjectFlavor to Map
   which map output ObjectFlavor to morpher name (I believe that
   there might be a better structure to handle this mapping, right
   now it's just HashMap);
4 implement getMorpher(ObjectFlavor, ObjectFlavor) using Map from (3)
   (maybe it should support creating piplelines?);

and first question:
If Morpher support ObjectFlavors A, B as input and X, Y as output,
does it support all possible conversions (A->X, A->Y, B->X, B->Y)?
If not, (2) needs to be redefined.

If (1)-(4) are acceptable, patch will come.

Tomek Pik

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