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Subject Re: [lang] Has anyone thought about a TimeUtils package?
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 16:10:49 GMT

an first hit at this in the commons land was in:

To my knowledge, Nathan's tool is also in the velocity tools section
and recieved some enhancements there.

Seems that Stephen has taken another approach to this (see the posts
in this thread). Maybe someone takes a look to see if the two versions
in rupert can be explited and deprecated in favor of CalendarUtils
or joda.

Please be warned, that Date is a fragile/controversial issue, since
1. The java SimpleDateFormatter is not thread safe
2. Dates have many locale specific representation.

BTW. I also have a *very* pretty Calendar tool in Swing and an
updated/modified one in JavaScript for HTML usage. Please contact me
if you are interested (see the JavaScript version in action under
the pop-up arrow in the corresponding fields in
"Catalog Search" page; the Swing version is used in an internal
application, but also will appear soon when that site is updated).

I'm willing to contribute my ButtonFactoryServlet (see it in another
thread named "Re: button factory) and CalendarView if someone asists
me in placing it in Jakarta or SourceForge.


Sean Schofield wrote:
> Greetings.
> I'm new to the commons-dev list and I've been throwing out ideas of 
> where I might be able to make my first open source contribution.
> Has anyone thought about a possible TimeUtils package with commons.lang? 
> There a variety of time-related utilities that I've been working on that 
> might be useful.  Any thoughts on this before I get too specific in my 
> suggestions?
> Sean
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:) Christoph Reck

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