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From Tom Drake <>
Subject RE: [collections][patch] ClassFilterIterator
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 17:34:57 GMT
I've already submitted an OrPredicate and an InstanceOfPredicate

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From: Stephen Colebourne []
Sent: Friday, December 13, 2002 4:29 AM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: Re: [collections][patch] ClassFilterIterator

I intend to get a resolution on the functors question, as it is clearly
holding things up ;-)

The approach taken to functors in general is to have lots of small functors.
With your example, rather than having one predicate that receives an array
of classes to check, I would probably favour one predicate that checks a
class and one predicate that acts as an Or statement. Of course this means
longer code in the application, but more reusable parts in commons.

On a similar line, the strict vs non-strict would probably be two predicates
as well.

Here's hoping to a resolution of the debate on functors.


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From: "Emmanuel Bourg" <>
> This is a modified version of my previous ClassFilterIterator with a
> little more meat :
> - it accepts an array of classes to match several classes
> - the class matching can optionnaly be "strict", that is subclasses of
> the required class aren't returned. In strict mode a ClassFilterIterator
> will only return objects of the same class (i.e. equals() == true) or
> objects implementing the interface (but not inheriting an implementation).
> I removed the default Object.class matching when the specified class is
> null (the evaluate method will throw a NPE) and made the predicate
> public so that it can be reused until it is moved to a more sensible
> home for predicates.
> Only the ClassPredicate is really interesting here, i agree with Rich
> that there is no real need to subclass the FilterIterator class. I just
> hope the lang/functor/collections debate will reach an end soon ;)
> Emmanuel


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