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From Rodney Waldhoff <>
Subject Re: [cache] Release?
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 17:18:22 GMT
On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, Colin Chalmers wrote:

> What's the difference between this and Stratum
> which is also a caching mechanism, I believe.

I was previously unfamiliar with Stratum.  From the overview it appears
similar but I'm actually having trouble finding the basic accessory
methods in the Stratum javadocs.  Cache essentially like a map, with a
"put" method:

  boolean store(Serializable key, Serializable val);

and a "get" method:

  Serializable retrieve(Serializable key);

I think maybe cache is similar to JCS
(<>), although it looks like JCS
currently only works in client/server mode, and cache currently only works
"in-process".  I think JSR-107 is a bit much for most my uses.  For that
matter, I've recently found myself simply using Collection's LRUMap in
places where I once would have used cache.  I do think it would be nice if
we had a single library that could scale well in both directions--perhaps
by scaling JCS down or cache up.

I think I can explain the way cache is set up pretty succinctly.  The real
driving principle is to apply the strategy pattern to create a modular
system that scales from very simple applications to potentially complex

* There's a basic Cache interface with Map-like methods to store and
retrieve objects, to check if an object is cached, and to clear one or
more objects from the cache.

* This Cache functionality is implemented by pluggable strategy

  * Stash - for physical storage (in memory, to disk, in a db, etc.)

  * EvictionPolicy - for determining which objects to evict when the cache
begins to fill up (LRU, LFU, LRV, etc)

  * StashPolicy - for determining which objects are worthy of "stashing"
in the first place (optional, typically cost or size based I assume)

* There's a JSP taglib for working with this in a JSP (see

* There's also an incomplete client/server extension
(org.apache.commons.cache.remote) that should probably be re-implemented

> For what kind of apps could I use this for?
> WebBased getting info from a DB?

Yes, for example.  Also JSP or servlet output, the results of an XSLT (or
other) transform, data from remote servers, data from files, etc.
Really any time you're happy to trade memory (or disk space) for time.
Personally I've used it GUI and web service apps in addition to web-based

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