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From Morgan Delagrange <>
Subject [Jelly] Release Issue 1 - dependencies
Date Fri, 27 Dec 2002 18:59:32 GMT
Hey all,

So far only Bob has voiced a concern with preparing to
release a Jelly beta, and I believe his only concern
is whether or not to release it under the Commons
umbrella.  So I'm going to start raising some release
issues, and I'll steer clear of anything relating to
packaging for now, just in case someone wants to
propose moving Jelly soon.  (Personally, I'm +0 on the
idea; sounds like potentially good exposure for Jelly,
but it doesn't scratch any itches for me.  I still
volunteer as release manager, regardless of Jelly's
location in Jakarta.)

So here's my first issue:

Holy cow.  It's not the number of dependencies that
concerns me, it's the number of dependencies based on
snapshots and alphas.  

I know we're already considering breaking up Jelly
into multiple jars.  Thoughts on how to do that best? 
One possibility is two jars: one for Jelly and the
core taglib, and another for all remaining tags. 
Another possibility is three jars: one for Jelly and
the core taglib, one for "released" tags (i.e. tags
with stable dependencies), and one for "beta" tags
(i.e. tags based on unreleased dependencies).  Or
maybe both or neither or something else entirely.  

We might also want to consider employing separate CVS
trees for each taglib, in the style of Jakarta
Taglibs.  That would make things like
identifying/tracking individual taglib dependencies
much simpler, although we'd have more maintenance
overhead and we'd have to find a way to make Maven
happy with the structure.

Regardless of how we structure the JARs and the CVS
repository, I think we should focus on identifying
dependencies specific to Jelly and the core tag
library, and once we have a solid list we should try
to obtain as many released versions as we can manage. 
I'm uncomfortable releasing Jelly based on beta
dependencies, and I think including snapshots is
completely unworkable.

- Morgan

Morgan Delagrange

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