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From "Darren McGrath" <>
Subject [jelly] [PATCH] Added fixture (setUp and tearDown) attributes to SuiteTag
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2002 11:55:54 GMT
I've been using jelly and snooping on the mail list for a few weeks now. here's my first patch.

I've implemented junit fixtures by adding setUp and tearDown Script type attributes to the
SuiteTag. attached is the patch file for the code and test cases. Please consider for inclusion
in Jelly.

Here's a snippet to show how it works ...

<define:script var="setUpScript">
  <!-- fixture setUp script goes here -->

<define:script var="tearDownScript">
  <!-- fixture tear-down script goes here -->

  || @setUp is called before each test:case.
  || @tearDown is called after each test:case.
  || @setUp and @tearDown run in the same context as the test:case.
<test:suite setUp="${setUpScript}" tearDown="${tearDownScript}">
  <test:case name="testcase">
    <!-- test case script  ..... -->

I looked at a number of ways of getting fixtures in to the junit jelly tags. I settled on
the above as it's pretty neat and doesn't involve any new tags.

If there's a better approach that i've missed i'd be happy to discuss/code it/try it out.


Darren McGrath
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