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From Charles Burdick <>
Subject Date/Time should not be in [lang]
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 19:32:49 GMT
I haven't read the various Date/Time threads completely.  (Cuz there's
over 50 in just the last few days!)

But to me, putting these "Utils" into [lang] is a *bad idea*.

This is the perfect opportunity to utilize the Commons charter with its
focus on well-defined common components.  Everyone agrees it would be
great to have a new implementation of Calendar and DateFormat that's
not on crack like Sun's.

However, I don't see any correlation with the rest of [lang].  Where is
the common use and common change that involves the rest of [lang]?  How
would these date/time items depend on other parts of [lang]?

I always thought it was weird and problematic that Sun slapped Date and
Calendar in [util] but DateFormat was in [text].  To me, if Commons
packages date/time objects in [lang], we're just repeating bad

I'd much rather have an independent [DATE] or [TIME] or [DATETIME]
package.  Simple, clearly defined.  If you need to use 'em, you import
JAR, if you don't, you don't.


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