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From Jeff Varszegi <>
Subject Re: [Collections] NodeCachingLinkedList serialization / license issues?
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 20:57:22 GMT

> Also, I have some concerns about the code for
> NodeCachingLinkedList. It looks like a lot of the code has been copied
> from Sun's LinkedList implementation. If I understand correctly, this
> makes the code unsuitable for inclusion in an Apache project.

I didn't know about these sorts of restrictions.  I've looked around the Apache site and can't
find any information on this-- you should've posted a link to whatever you were referring.
 Now, I
have to say that Sun doesn't have a patent on the linked-list data structure, which is probably
going to be implemented the same way over and over again if it adheres to the List interface.
I were to rewrite LinkedList, I would include an inner ListIterator class, etc.  I would track
modifications with a number variable at the class level.  Would it make you feel better if
renamed variables?

The point is that Java doesn't have a patent on the workings of any data structures in the
language (and I've never seen a patent for a data structure anyway, although it would be possible
to get one).  They have copyrights on everything they release.  Maybe we should investigate
liability with regards to all code implementing interfaces or extending classes in the Java
Maybe it would be good enough document things like this:

/** implements the LinkedList(c) interface from Sun Microsystems, Inc. */

By the way, your trie implementation is sucky and guaranteed to be slow.  Have a nice day.

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