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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: [jelly] moved werkz tags
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 15:47:59 GMT
On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 06:36, James Strachan wrote:
> From: "Jason van Zyl" <>
> > Hi,
> >
> > I moved the Werkz jelly tags of out of jelly proper and into the Werkz
> > repository. I also changed a couple of others things like test resource
> > copying and the project.xml file to update the version of Werkz being
> > used. I just did a massive refactoring of Maven so the test build works
> > for me and I've asked Dion to try the jelly build to try and find any
> > problems before anyone else does.
> This sounds like a good idea.
> One problem this causes is that the Jeez tag library (terrible name,
> probably calling it the Maven tag library or Maven core tag library would be
> better) which is a combination of Werkz + Ant + a couple more tags). Its
> probably worth moving this Jeez tag library into either Werkz or Maven; the
> latter probably makes most sense then any other Maven specific tags could be
> put into this single tag library that is then bound to the default XML
> namespace.
> So how about we move this Jeez library into Maven?

I have copies of them there which I'm now using. I just wasn't sure what
you had planned vis-a-vis general ant usage. If it's cool with you I
think moving them into Maven would make the most sense. I just didn't
want to break your ant tests which seemed to use Jeez.

I would also not be averse to moving the ant tag lib to maven either. I
think I'm close to being able run build.xml files directly now and
having all the tags in maven would probably help with this.

> James
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Jason van Zyl

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