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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [jelly] JellySWT library available
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 10:34:26 GMT
From: "Neeme Praks" <>
> Hi James!
> Is there any plan of making JellySwing and JellySWT to support XUL style
> markup? So XUL would be used to describe the UI and switching between
> XUL implementations would be easier...?
> Or are there some serious issues with this idea?

Its always been an area I'd like to explore; using XUL to describe rich user
interfaces, which can then either be rendered natively in Mozilla or some
other XUL implementation or transformed (say via XSLT) into HTML/DHTML or
rendered with Swing or SWT.

One idea could be to create an XSLT stylesheet to convert XUL into
JellySwing and another XSLT to convert XUL into JellySWT. Then you could
render a XUL script using Swing or SWT while keeping full access to the
underlying Swing and SWT widgets to perform any special tweaks. This
actually could be the most flexible as folks could then use XSLT includes to
overload transformations to provide special renderings.

Another approach could be that 2 XUL Jelly libraries could be developed, one
using Swing and another using SWT (and maybe another just generating

The biggest issue I can see right now with either of these approaches is how
do we specify the models across rendering technologies. I wonder if JSFaces
will help in this area one day?).

XUL when used in Mozilla uses RDF for all the models. I've gotta say I'm not
much of an RDF fan; if anything I'd prefer XML with XPath, its much easier
to grok, use and its way more popular too. For Java developers it might be
easier to use something like Action, ListModel, TableModel and TreeModel
from Swing rather than to convert everything into RDF.

I don't have the bandwidth right now to explore these ideas but would
happily help anyone else who fancies experimenting with this?


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