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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re:
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 00:35:17 GMT
I can confirm that I removed the GenerateUniqueId class and replaced it with
the identifier package.

I can also confirm that due to the setup of my mail client, I missed the
ensuing Gump messages. As a result I didn't fix the problem in [email],
which I would have done (although I don't consider myself an [email]
committer). This has now been fixed thanks to dIon Gillard. This was my
mistake, and for this I apologise.

In broader terms however:
a) The status of both the [util] and [email] components within
jakarta-commons-sandbox is that of unreleased code, no matter how stable.
Deprecation is not required.

b) The [util] component is generally viewed as a 'dumping ground' for code
that doesn't fit in elsewhere, and might better be named 'misc' or
'homeless'. The changes were designed to give [util] a chance of a release.

c) Commons must have the right to make changes to code and manage its own
releases and components. This should apply whether it is code written
specifically for commons, or donated to commons from another jakarta
project. If this is not the case then commons is simply a 'dumping ground'
for other jakarta projects hoping to off-load maintainance, rather than a
vibrant community in its own right.


From: "Jon Scott Stevens" <>
> apache/commons/util/identifier/
> You removed the class and replaced it with some
> subset of code which I'm sure is that much better, but the fact of the
> matter is that there was other code which depended on
> being there and you didn't go and fix it (specifically the code in
> commons-email). You need to learn how to do deprecation properly.
> So, either put back or fix commons-email and next
> please learn how to use deprecation properly.

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