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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE][PROPOSAL] commons-functor
Date Sat, 21 Dec 2002 00:54:55 GMT
> [ ] +1 - I support this proposal and am willing to help
> [ ] +0 - I support this proposal, but cannot assist
> [ ] -0 - I don't support this proposal
> [X] -1 - I vote against this proposal for the following
>          technical reason: ______________

After much thought I vote -1.

Creating a functor component just results in further problems down the line
with dependencies. Both [io] and the identifier code, currently in [util]
use functors. A separate component requires
- [collections] to add a dependency to [functor], and yet that still doesn't
give it access to other [lang] functionality that it might use, eg. Enum to
create a dedicated fast EnumMap
- [io] to add another dependency ([lang] and [functor], not just [lang])
- the identifier code to find another home again (it was to go in [lang],
but it can't if this change occurs because [lang] won't depend on [functor].

And as Costin pointed out, we're all very bored with dependency debates.
Adding more components worsens the issue, not improves it.


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