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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [modeler] Modeler does not handle generic Descriptors (bug 14361)
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2002 18:27:27 GMT
+1 in general. Modeler is missing several things - right now it
is 'good enough' for tomcat ( i.e. implements what we need ).

Regarding DTD extension - it is needed, however I would like to 
ask you to take a look first at other DTDs that solve 
the same problem ( like in jboss for example ). It would
be very nice to at least share the same tag names and
layout - and maybe support multiple descriptors.
Of course, the ideal would be a unique DTD used in
multiple products/projects - that would be the best
for users and everyone involved.

I'm also doing some enhancements to modeler - I'm mostly interested
in the persistence part ( saving the modified attributes ). A 
proposal was made on tomcat to use JNDI as an API for the data
storage ( it is already used to abstract the VFS ), and 
I'm trying to bridge the 2 - i.e. modeler to save changed
attributes in JNDI, plus jndi providers to abstract the
existing config files.


Roberts George E (Ed) NPRI wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been looking at the modeler for a project I am working on... I
> communicated with Craig and he suggested that I bring our conversation to
> this email group...
> The modeler as it stands now does not have full compliance with the spec
> (unfortunately I have been reading JMX 1.1 instead of JMX 1.0.1 but I took
> a peek and it did not seem to change between those releases)... basically
> the problem is this... the specs says that one can add any number of
> descriptor fields that one wants, right now the DTD does not allow you to
> do that (only the standard ones) nor does the parser take care of that.  I
> have a DTD that I have posted as an attachment to bug 14361 that I want to
> purpose as a DTD that will take care of this problem... it will be
> backward compatible with the current DTD but I have deprecated some of the
> attribute entries
> ... there is a lot of metadata that I wanted added into the Descriptor for
> my class' parts and if one looks at the spec (even the 1.0.1 spec) there
> are Descriptor items such as for ModelMBeanAttributeInfo
> The fields in the descriptor are defined, but not limited to, the
> following:
>  name           : attribute name
>  descriptorType : must be "attribute"
>  value          : current value for attribute
>  default        : default value for attribute
>  displayName    : name of attribute to be used in displays
>  getMethod      : name of operation descriptor for get method
>  setMethod      : name of operation descriptor for set method
>  protocolMap    : object which implements the ProtocolMap interface: map
>  of protocol names and protocol hints
>  persistPolicy  : Update|OnTime|NoMoreOftenThan|Always|Never
>  persistPeriod  : seconds - frequency of persist cycle. Used when
>  persistPolicy is"OnTime" or "NoMoreOftenThan". currencyTimeLimit : how
>  long value is valid, <0 never, =0 always, >0 seconds lastUpdatedTimeStamp
>  : when value was set
>  iterable       : T - object value supports Iterable interface, F - does
>  not support Iterable interface
>  visibility     : 1-4 where 1: always visible 4: rarely visible
>  presentationString : xml formatted string to allow presentation of data
> there is no way in the present DTD to account for this information... one
> way that could be done is through attributes but then one could not have a
> general object as the field value allows... I think I have accounted for
> that in the DTD...
> ed roberts

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