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Subject Re: [lang] Release 1.0.1 test cut
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2002 14:32:51 GMT

I have only used the ToStringBuilder class out of the builders package.
Has anyone tried the other builders to see how they work in subclasses?


                    Henri Yandell                                                        
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                                             Subject:     [lang] Release 1.0.1 test cut  
                    11/22/2002 10:01                                                     
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                    "Jakarta Commons                                                     
                    Developers List"                                                     

I've cut a test of the 1.0.1 release files. They're at:

This is a proposed bugfix release and it fixes the following bugs:

#14062:     StringUtils.split fails to handle (String, null, int)
            This results in the String "null" appearing in the split text,
            the text is not entirely consumed in the split, ie) int is less
            than the number of whitespace tokens in the String.
            Fix is courtesy of Mark McDowell.

#-    :     SystemUtils.isJavaVersionAtLeast made static.

#-    :     NumberUtils test fails in JDK 1.2 due to lack of 1.2 support
            "1.1E-700F". Fix is to use SystemUtils to protect it for the

#-    :     ToStringStyle did not compile under JDK 1.2 due to inner class
            issues. Added explicit 'this.' prefixes to make this so.

#14566:     NumberRange.getMaximum was returning the minimum.
            Bug reported by Kasper Ronning.

#13527:     ExceptionUtils now handles getCausedByException and
            from EJBException and ServletException, as reported by Lars
#14334:     NestableDelegate now implements Serializable, as reported by
            Max Rydahl Andersen.

#13568:     Enums cannot now be created with the same name as an already
            existing Enum. Enum now compiles under JDK 1.2.

Does anyone see anything wrong? Are there any bugs outstanding that should
go in this release?


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