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From Aslak Helles√ły <>
Subject xdox
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 19:14:05 GMT

as a result of the commons-attributes library discussion we've been
discussing a unified api/library to access source code data, and there seems
to be consensus on trying to marry xjavadoc and qdox again. xdox.

let's start xdox asap. how about going for xjavadoc's rich api (it's all
interfaces), do some modifications like getting rid of the XDoc interface
and rework it to use joe's fast parser from qdox? -and forget about the ast,
we won't need code mutation i think.

where would it belong? jacarta-commons? xdoclet? qdox? new project? i'm open
for jakarta-commons, but i must be voted in first. if it takes too much time
or nobody wants me in i'd like to start it over in the qdox space if joe
gives me access. i could also do it in xdoclet.

my yahoo! id is aslak_hellesoy. if you give me yours we can discuss it there

have a nice week-end!


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