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From Noam Berg <>
Subject [httpclient]-timeout-> i found a small but important bug.
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 17:28:35 GMT
I need to use http connections with timeouts, since it is not part of the
release i downloaded 7th Nov 2002 sources, but 
using HttpClient.setTimeout didnt help. i checked out the code and find out
that when you create the sockets using host+port
it immediately connects so setting the timeout after that does not change
(at least in my case where i dont reuse them 
and its important in first connect for a timeout to be set).

The changes:
line 350:
	 _socket = new Socket();
line 781:
	Socket s = sslSocketFactory.createSocket();
	s.connect(new, port), _so_timeout);
            return s;

and the whole file :

i'm sorry but i dont have CVS ... 

Another small thing (suggestion) ... 
When i first started using this package i wanted to do a very simple
httpconnection ... 
what would have help me _a lot_ would have been a few small source examples
for usage
(maybe a bit like your test classes).

Noam Berg
SofaWare Technologies Ltd.
3 Hahilazon St. Ramat-Gan Israel
Tel:  +972-3-6128989 ext 102
Fax: +972-3-5755442

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