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From "Vijaykumar S - CTD, Chennai." <>
Subject Issue with windows2000
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 12:30:24 GMT

I am using package.

I am creating Telnet communication with a Windows machine. After logged-in
into windows, apart from normal prompt , it is also diplaying some Junk
characters. How to get rid off this junk characters.
Thanks in Advance!

Example : The command "dir" gives..

?[2;1H Volume in dr
ive C has no label.   ?[3;1H Volume Serial Number is E06D-DAD4
[5;1H Directory of C:\?[6;1H?[K?[7;1H10/26/2002  01:59p      <DIR>
2002  02:55p      <DIR>          bea?[9;1H11/08/2002  11:03a      <DIR>
02  04:33p      <DIR>          docs?[11;1H11/01/2002  05:51a      <DIR>
Documents and Setting
s?[12;1H07/19/2002  12:13p      <DIR>          drivers?[13;1H10/03/2002
11:33a      <DIR>          j2
sdkee1.3.1?[14;1H11/08/2002  02:38p      <DIR>
jdk1.3.1?[15;1H11/08/2002  02:50p      <DIR>
        Program Files?[16;1H10/30/2002  12:17p                 600
PUTTY.RND?[17;1H10/08/2002  10:59a
     <DIR>          Satish?[18;1H10/21/2002  02:46p                 239
Test.bak?[19;1H10/21/2002  02:
46p                 406 Test.class?[20;1H10/21/2002  02:47p
2002  08:06p      <DIR>          WINNT?[22;16H4 File(s)          1,501
bytes?[23;15H11 Dir(s)   2,612,
649,984 bytes free?[25;1HC:\>?[25;5H

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