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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [beanutils] Map as a pseudo-bean...? [was Re: [beanutils] PropertyUtils.setProperty on classes which extend Map]
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 19:29:51 GMT
On Monday, November 25, 2002, at 11:25 PM, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:


> AFAIK, we've never promised that the BeanUtils or PropertyUtils code
> formally support Maps as the *destination* of a property set operation,
> even though they are acceptable as the source in certain scenarios.  In
> addition, if we're going to support setting via PropertyUtils, we
> certainly should support getting for symmetry.
> I think it's worth investigating whether we can support a Map as a
> pseudo-bean -- but that should start with a general analysis of the
> problem space (including the thorny issue of deciding what the "property
> type" of such a property should be if there is no current value for a
> particular key), rather than a piecemeal fix to one aspect of the
> situation.

that does seem the best approach.

> I'm game to participate (a little) in a discussion like that -- just don'
> t
> have the cycles to lead one.  Do you?

probably. i'm not sure that i've the capability, though. guess we'll have 
to wait and see about that...

just to make sure that i understand the basic concept, here's my 

a map could act as a pseudo-bean by having each key-value pair act as a 
pseudo-property. the name of the property corresponds to the key (from the 
pair) and the property value corresponds to the value (from the pair).

- robert

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